Himalayan Life Anmol Ratna Bal (Sawadhik) Jeevan Beema

: 03/05/2024
: 03/13/2024


Plan Name: Himalayan Anmol Ratna Bal (Sawadhik) Jeevan Beema
Minimum Sum Assured: Rs. 50,000/-
Maximum Sum Assured: Rs. 50,00,000/-
Minimum Entry Age (Child/Proposer): Newly Born/ 18 Years
Maximum Entry Age (Child/Proposer): 17 years/ 55 Years
Maximum Maturity Age (Child/Proposer): 27 years/ 82 Years
Term: Minimum 10 Years: Maximum 27 Years
Mode of payment: Yearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly.
Medical Requirement: As per Company Rule

Risk Commencement:

The risk under the policy will commence either 2 years after the date of commencement or from the policy anniversary date falling immediately after the completion of age 6 of child, whichever is later.



  1. Policy Benefits:
On Maturity:
Sum Assured and Vested Bonus
On Death of Insured Child:
  1. Before commencement of risk
The total premium amount paid shall be refunded.
  1. After commencement of risk
25% of the sum assured along with any vested bonus or the total premiums actually paid or paid-up value of the policy, whichever is higher, shall be paid.
On Death of Proposer:
  1. Premium Waiver Benefit (PWB)
  2. Monthly Income Benefit (MIB)
On simultaneous deaths of both insured child and the proposer:
  1. 25% of the Sum Assured and Vested Bonus on Full Sum Assured (for child’s death) and
  2. 100% of the Sum Assured is payable as lump sum (for proposer’s death)
  1. Optional Rider Benefits:
  1. 50% of Rider Sum Assured
On death or total permanent disability due to accident of proposer, 50% of rider sum assured shall be paid.
  1. Funeral Expenses
On death of the proposer, 25% of the rider sum assured shall be paid.
Other Facilities:
Surrender Value, Paid up Value and Loan Facility as per policy.

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