Mission and Vision

 Vision of the Company
To consistently purse the improvement of the life insurance, the company shall continue striving to educate and empower the public in matters of life safety and assurance. A key focus of Himalayan Life Insurance Limited will be the development of human resources in the field of life insurance and the enhancement of the quality and effectiveness of the company's life insurance services through the optimal utilization of new technologies.
Mission of the Company
To establish the company as a robust financial institution in the life insurance sector, creating significant milestones for consumer trust, satisfaction and choice in the field of life insurance.
Objective of the Company
The objectives of the company are as to offer suitable insurance plans that cater to the needs of the public within the realm of life insurance, to provide assurance of the safety and security to the insured through insurance, to invest the funds received from insurance business in areas where reasonable return can be achieved and to deliver reasonable return to both the insured and the shareholders.

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  • www.himalayanlife.com.np